Skin Tone Lotion 100ml

    Skin Tone Lotion 100ml

    An anthroposophic medicine to refresh and revitalise tired limbs

    Ideal for use where person has to sit or stand for long periods e.g. plane travel, shop work and is also beneficial for someone who is bedridden.

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    • Description

      Warnings and cautions:
      Do not apply where the skin is broken.
      Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you experience redness or itching.
      Consult your doctor or pharmacist if the symptoms do not go away.
      Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are pregnant.
      Store below 25C.
      Keep all medicines out the sight and reach of children


      Suitable for vegetarians.

      Always read the leaflet/label.

    • Ingredients

      100g contains: ethanolic extracts of: Citrus medica, Fructus (1=2) 9.0 ml; Arnica montana, Planta tota (1=5) 6.26 ml; Arcticum lappa, Radix (1=6) 7.5 ml; Prunus spinosa, Summitates (1=3) 1.5 ml; Iris rhizoma (1=10) 5.0 ml/Prunus Lotion 50% 1.0 ml/Distilled Witch Hazel 4.25 ml/Copper sulphate 0.38g/Sodium silicate solution 1.49g. Also contains Lemon Oil, Citric acid monohydrate, Tragacanth Powder, Glycerol (Vegetable) and Distilled Water. Nominal ethanol content 7.4% w/w

    • How to use

      ADULTS: For external use only. Shake the bottle.
      Massage lightly into the skin and allow to dry
      Do not apply to broken skin

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