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  • Arnica Muscle Soak 200ml

    After exertion, exercise, outdoor work and strenuous activity, let warm water lift away the strain with the natural soothing power of arnica


  • Arnica Sport Gift Box

    Natural organic arnica gives tired bodies support in the bath or shower – for sportspeople, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts


  • Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk 200ml

    A few precious moments in our most refreshing bath milk is all you need to recharge and be ready to go.


  • Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk 200ml

    Lavender essential oil, the ultimate essence for rest and calm reflection. A classic aid to peaceful sleep, in a soft milky bath.


  • Pine Reviving Bath Milk 200ml

    Like a dip in a still forest pool, a breath of mountain air. As invigorating and brisk as a bath can get!


  • Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk 200ml

    Distilled energy and life in stimulating essential oil of rosemary. Soak it in while you cleanse in this fragrant bath milk.


  • Skin Food & Pine Bath Gift Box


  • Wild Rose Cream Bath 100ml

    The bathing experience of your dreams – a long soak in pure rose fragrance and creamy moisturising oils.


  • Wild Rose Gift Tube Medium

    A simple step to total luxury – wash all over with this creamy body cleanser and feel your spirit lift


  • Winter Warmers Bundle

    Warmth is the key to health and a general sense of wellbeing.


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