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Hands and Feet

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  • Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream 50ml

    Touch, grab, hold, communicate – our hands do a lot, and they need special care in return, especially if you have sensitive skin.


  • Citrus Hand and Nail Cream 50ml

    Rich and refreshing daily protection for hands which need extra care.


  • Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Hand Cream 50ml

    A luscious hand cream for the golden years, richly rewarding dry hands with deep care and precious fragrance.


  • Foot Balm 75ml

    Try a little tenderness on even the toughest skin. Dryness, roughness and unwanted odours give way to smooth, treated heels, soles and toes.


  • Hand Cream Trio Ribbon Box


  • Pomegranate Hand & Nail Gift Box

    Life-saver handcare with 100% organic pomegranate seed oil, and a free gift in the pack, too!


  • Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream 50ml

    The tender touch of organic pomegranate seed oil for capable, hard-working hands.


  • Sea Buckthorn & Evening Primrose Hand Cream


  • Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream 50ml

    Protects and moisturises the skin on your hands with valuable, rich oils and a fruity-fresh fragrance.


  • Skin Food Saviour

    Come behind the scenes with the models and find out how they give natural glow back to tired skin.


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