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  • Luxury Three Drawer Gift Set

    A fragrant treat in the bath or shower, with skin-kind natural cleansers that do no harm to the environment, and precious essential oils


  • Mini Body Oils Gift Set

    Bring precious oils as a gift for loved ones, each potent with natural qualities for skin and senses


  • Winter Warmers Bundle

    Warmth is the key to health and a general sense of wellbeing.


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  • Arnica Massage Oil 100ml

    Before and after sport or strenuous activity, warm up or warm down with a vigorous arnica oil massage.


  • Birch Cellulite Oil 100ml

    Invigorating massage oil for ‘orange-peel’ legs, thighs and buttocks – brisk, effective and entirely made from plants


  • Calendula Massage Oil 100ml

    Delicate skin shouldn’t keep you from a little extra tender touch. Calendula Massage Oil looks after sensitive skin while massage relaxes your body.


  • Citrus Refreshing Body Oil 100ml

    The fresh tang of organic lemon oil brings zest to your day and life to your skin.


  • Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Body Oil 100ml

    A rich treat for mature skin, golden radiance for all- over skin pampering.


  • Lavender Relaxing Body Oil 100ml

    A natural Lavender gift – aromatherapy oil with holistic benefits for skin, senses and spirit. The classic scent of calm and peace.


  • Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil 100ml

    A nurturing, enlivening treatment with an inspiring, feminine fragrance. Proven to boost cell regeneration in naturally ageing skin.


  • Sea Buckthorn Body Oil 100ml

    Pressed from sun-ripened fruits and seeds, sea buckthorn’s oils invigorate and nourish dry skin.


  • Wild Rose Body Oil 100ml

    A delicate veil of silky moisturising oils, fragrant with roses, to pamper skin after bathing


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