Men's Skin

Whatís the difference between the skin of men and women?

It hardly needs pointing out that men and women are quite different, but did you know that men's skin is also totally different in many ways to that of a woman? The male hormone testosterone, among its numerous impacts, makes male skin, on average, 20% thicker than that of a woman. Testosterone also causes the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, which makes men's skin oilier and quicker to develop pimples and blackheads.

Another important difference between the skin of men and women is in the density of collagen fibres, which create the firm structure of the skin. Rather unfairly, signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, occur more slowly with a man than a woman. Strangely, though, men's skin is more sensitive than womenís, with a thinner subcutaneous fat layer that allows greater sensitivity to pain or weather conditions. Men burn more quickly in the sun than women and produce more sweat, so the skin can dry out very quickly in demanding conditions. Added to this the coarser pores, tougher epidermis and greater facial hair growth, and youíll see why borrowing womenís products isnít the best way for men to tackle their skincare.

Special skin care for men

Men have distinctly different needs from skincare products, especially for facial care, and even more so if the skin becomes irritated after a wet shave. Wet shaving is actually the the best way to keep facial skin in good condition. Itís more hygienic than dry shaving, so there is less chance of infection. A good, sharp, razor and the right products for skincare are equally important if you want to avoid skin irritation after shaving.

Face care for men: roadmap

For facial skin to stay in optimum condition, use natural facial care products specifically designed for men. Obviously a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and enough exercise will also set you on the road to a healthy skin, but hereís a simple three-step plan thatíll keep you on the right track.

Step 1: Cleanse

Good skin care starts with mild cleansing, both in the morning before shaving and in the evening before bed. Gentle vegetable oil soap, creamy body-wash or a mild natural cleanser are all options here.

Step 2: Shave

After cleansing (whether or not under the shower) your pores will be open and the hairs on your face softer, so itís the ideal time for a shave. Opt for a gentle shaving cream with 100% natural ingredients to smooth the skin while shaving. Pat the skin dry after shaving and apply a soothing aftershave balm. Preferably this should also be made with natural ingredients, to avoid over-stimulating the skin.

Step 3: Moisturize

After applying aftershave, treat your face and neck with a moisturizing cream, which can be applied again at bedtime. If you suffer from pimples or blackheads, apply a specific soothing lotion to reduce sebum formation.

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