Toddler health

Your child’s first three years of life are crammed with incredible growth and development, and from the moment they become mobile and aware, their distinct character will be expressed in more ways every day.

As your child becomes steadier on his or her feet, physical play will take in running, jumping, dancing, kicking, climbing and paddling – all stretching and strengthening growing limbs. In quieter moments your child will be absorbed by being read to, drawing and painting and, as they become aware of others around them, copying activities like dressing themselves, having conversations with toys and visitors, and even little domestic jobs.

Of course, with development comes the pushing of boundaries. Trying out things to see what gets a reaction, and to see what they can do, can lead to bumps, scrapes and tears. Luckily there’s always sunshine after the rain, and a soothing response to any little hurts will help them get used to life’s downs as well as the ups.

As a parent or grandparent, you will be the first port of call for every drama and upset – emotional as well as physical. A calm and loving relationship, plenty of hugs and kisses, and some faithful remedies close to hand will always help.

In your home medicine kit, it will be helpful to keep some of these remedies:

  • Arnica Bumps and Bruises Spray- for bruises and sore spots
  • Calendula Cuts and Grazes Skin Salve - to treat minor scratches and grazes
  • Rhinodoron Nasal Spray - to clear the nose during colds