Weleda Garden - Rainfall records

November 2012

November surely has been a record breaker for rainfall...

Our land at The Field is completely saturated, we've had streams
pouring off the gardens and down the pathways and tracks. Because the land is far too wet to work on, we've retreated inside the garden shed to clean the seeds that we harvested in August and September.

By saving our own seed we've found that the plants we grow gradually adapt
to our own particular conditions and are often more resilient if the growing
year is a challenging one.

We can also be sure that the specific medicinal variety
is correct (sometimes the seed companies do get it wrong).

One of our least favourite seed heads to clean is Milk Thistle
(Silybum marianum), as it's very, very spiky.

The seeds are used herbally as a detox and liver protector - perfect for the aftermath of all those Christmas and New Year parties!