Weleda Garden - Prepare for winter

October 2012

It's late Autumn now and we've just about put the garden to bed for the coming winter. We've dug the soil, sowed our green manures and top dressed the perennials with our wonderful 'home-made' biodynamic compost.

Autumn is very visibly about death and decay in nature, but it is also a time of renewal and regeneration. All the dead leaves, all the seasons growth return to the earth and start the fertility building cycle again, contributing to the formation of hummus in the soil - essential for strong, healthy plant growth.

To aid this natural transformative process we use a biodynamic spray called The Barrel Preparation. We stir it in rainwater for 20 minutes and spray it over the whole of our land.

The Barrel Prep could be described as an aid to the soil's digestive processes - the substance of the dead plant matter is assimilated and absorbed into the 'body' of the living soil"......

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