Weleda Garden - British Seed Time

April 2013

Looking around the Weleda gardens it’s hard to believe that it’s April and that we’re actually in British Summer Time. The trees are still bare and the plants are refusing to awaken from their winter slumber.

It is however British Seed Time! Time to engage in that most optimistic of gardening activities, seed sowing. We’ll be sowing the bulk of our seeds the third week in April, but have already got an early March start for our Calendula crop. At Weleda, we follow Maria and Matthias Thun’s Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar, which tells us the optimum days to sow, prune and harvest according to the planetary and cosmic rhythms. We selected a ‘flower’ day in March before the full moon to sow eight trays of Calendula seeds in the greenhouse. Germination has subsequently been swift and strong. We’ll also choose a ‘flower’ day to plant them out in the Allotment Field, hopefully when it’s a little bit warmer!

For more information about biodynamics: www.biodynamic.org.uk