Weleda Garden - Snow is falling

January 2013

January snow is falling here at Weleda in Derbyshire, putting a stop to our hedging and fencing work – time to retreat to the sheds to do some maintenance and tidying.

It’s often thought that everything outdoors ‘in nature’ is dormant in the wintertime, as there are few visible signs of life above ground.

However the living soil is actually at it’s busiest at this time of year, utilising the earth’s crystallising forces to replenish and recharge itself, ready for the plant world’s needs in spring and summer.

In recognition of this important task, we avoid any disturbance of the soil
(i.e. ploughing or digging) from January 15th to February 15th.

However, there’s still plenty for us to do; tincture and planting plans, seed ordering, machine maintenance, cleaning out the greenhouse; you really are never stuck for work in a garden!