The Gardening Year at Weleda

Meet Claire, one of the Weleda gardeners who cares for our 15 acre growing site called 'The Field'.

This is whats been happening lately...

New life in abundance

New life in abundance

2014 May

The garden looks its best in May awash with bright new leaves. At this time of year we harvest the birch tree to make tinctures for use in our medicines...

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Spring Cowslips in the Weleda garden

It's April so it must be Cowslip time

2014 April

Did you know that we harvest 3 kilos of Cowslip flowers each Spring? Read about why we use Cowslip in our products...

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Weleda Garden in March

Seed sowing in Spring time and for the future

2014 March

Laura talks about sowing seeds both in the ground and also practically by inviting Pharmacy Students to come and learn about our products and process.

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Weleda Garden in February

Return of the Light

2014 February

This time of year can be pretty hard going for us all Ė dark mornings, cold, wet days or even snow and ice on the ground. Iím sure we should all still be hibernating. But under the ground itís a different story...

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Weleda Garden nettles

Grasp the Nettle

2013 June

Have you noticed how prolific the Stinging nettles are this time of year? They seem to have enjoyed the recent weather conditions and are in full flowering mode. We love nettles at Weleda! Itís the perennial nettle (Urtica dioica) that proliferates at The Field and we recently harvested 3kg of whole flowering plant (including the roots) to make a medicinal tincture. This tincture goes into one of Weledaís own herbal remedies, prescribed by doctors, for anaemia.

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Cowslip at Weleda

Cowslip Meadow

2013 May

Our Cowslip Meadow is putting on a good show. They're moisture loving plants so have thrived with last years soggy summer. The story is quite different for many of our other herbs

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Weleda seeds

British Seed Time

2013 April

Looking around the Weleda gardens itís hard to believe that itís April and that weíre actually in British Summer Time. The trees are still bare and the plants are refusing to awaken from their winter slumber. It is however British Seed Time!

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Weleda in spring


2013 March

Spring is rapidly coming towards us, but until it arrives we've found time to get a 'bit' of hedgelaying done. We have a 100 metre Hawthorn hedge on one of our boundaries that we think is at least 100 years old.

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Weleda in snow

Snow is Falling

2013 January

Itís often thought that everything outdoors Ďin natureí is dormant in the wintertime, as there are few visible signs of life above ground. However the living soil is actually at itís busiest at this time of year, utilising the earthís crystallising forces to replenish and recharge itself.

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Weleda under rain

Rainfall record

2012 November

Our land at The Field is completely saturated, we've had streams pouring off the gardens and down the pathways and tracks. Because the land is far too wet to work on, we've retreated inside the garden shed to clean the seeds that we harvested in August and September.

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Weleda garden prepare for winter

Prepare for Winter

2012 October

It's late Autumn now and we've just about put the garden to bed for the coming winter. We've dug the soil, sowed our green manures and top dressed the perennials with our wonderful 'home-made' biodynamic compost.

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