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  • Almond Face Lotion Gift Set

    Stop worrying about dryness and irritation, with a lotion which brings you the super-sensitive benefits of soothing, quickly-absorbed almond oil.

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  • Almond Face Cream Gift Set

    Keep your skin calm and carry on daily life – all the ingredients in Almond Facial Cream are selected to protect and soothe.

    Now £21.25
    Was £26.25

  • Iris Face Gift Set

    Get ready for a long day’s work, rest or play with the regulating effect of natural Iris Hydrating Day and Nights Creams.

    Now £27.50
    Was £32.50

  • Wild Rose Face Gift Set

    Borrow the velvet smoothness of rose petals and maintain the youthful vitality of your skin, for beautiful radiance, every day.

    Now £36.90
    Was £41.90

  • Pomegranate Face Gift Set

    Your day and night companions for skin vitality, this quickly absorbed cream protects from harmful free radicals.

    Now £46.90
    Was £51.90

  • Evening Primrose Face Gift Set

    The golden radiance of evening primrose oil poured into your skin, with deeply revitalising essences perfectly matched to your maturity.

    Now £46.90
    Was £51.90

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