Holistic Health

Integrating conventional medicine with a thorough understanding of the human being

At Weleda, we strive for a holistic approach in medical therapy. We build our knowledge and practice on the principles of anthroposophic medicine, a system of medicine founded in the early 1920’s, by philosopher Rudolf Steiner and medical doctor Ita Wegmann.

Salutogenesis plays a significant role in holistic health. Health is not considered to be static, but as a continuous process of development. This means that everyone discovers their own health sources and decides for themselves what needs to be done to maintain mental contentment and overall well-being.

Anthroposophic medicine is an integrated system of medicine and does not fit into the category of ‘alternative medicine’ - instead it builds on conventional medical systems and practice.

Restore equilibrium

The therapeutic process of anthroposophic medicine is based on the balance of four organisational principles.

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An integrated medicine system

A medical system that complements conventional medicine, anthroposophy takes a holistic approach and uses both conventional and anthroposophic medicinal products.

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Health is a continuous process

Salutogenesis as a science of health development focuses on factors that support human health, in contrast to factors that cause disease

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Unique pharmaceuticals

The processing of our pharmaceuticals complies with pharmacopoeias while our distinctive manufacturing rests on three essential elements

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The therapy method of anthroposophic medicine is based on the balance between four organisational principles: the physical level; life forces level, or vitality; mental level and individual level or ego. The goal of therapy is to restore the necessary equilibrium when these four principles are out of balance. This is achieved by close co-operation between doctor and patient, both aiming to enhance the patient's self-healing powers. Conventional and anthroposophic medicinal products can be used together to support this healing process.

Weleda completes the manufacturing process of our own medicinal products in-house following distinctive principles based on three elements – the special rhythmic process, the gradual heating process and our own unique handling of metals and minerals. Furthermore, our raw materials are cultivated in our own medicinal plant garden to ensure the highest quality. All the above steps result in unique and first-class pharmaceuticals.