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  • Baby Tummy Oil 50ml

    A completely natural baby oil suitable for the tiniest new tummies. Enjoy the close bond with your baby as you massage and soothe.


  • Chamomilla 3X Granules 15g

    For the relief of baby teething and colicky pain, our teething granules are suitable from birth upwards.


  • Children’s Tooth Gel 50ml

    Get your children into good toothcare habits with our pleasant-tasting non-fluoride toothpaste – especially for first teeth.


  • Rhinodoron Nasal Spray 20ml

    Natural nasal spray that comes as a neat little medical device to help clear a blocked, stuffy nose.


  • White Mallow Body Lotion 200ml

    Nature’s kindest. The perfect lotion for babies with hypersensitive or atopic skin – soothing, calming and protecting


  • White Mallow Face Cream 50ml

    Gentle, natural face cream with no added fragrance. White Mallow, pansy, sweet almond, beeswax and coconut – nature’s kindest gifts.


  • White Mallow Nappy Change Cream 50ml

    Clean, dry and happy, protected from sore skin – Fragrance free White Mallow Nappy Change Cream is every parent’s wish for their newborn child.


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