Starting in March, join Weleda on a programme spending a month and a half improving your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The body is a finely-tuned organism that needs continual care. What we put into and on our bodies has a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing, toxins causing damage and other substances enhancing our wellness.

Week 1 - Small changes

Our resident expert, Wendy Rushin, will take you through a series of exercises and simple steps which cleanse and rejuvenate body and mind.


Week 2 - Just being, in the shower

Dr Nina Watson - clinical psychologist, massage therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher - shows us how we can introduce mindfulness into our shower routine.


Week 3 - Purifying Birch

Birch is renowned for its detoxification power. Full of flavonoids which encourage the body to flush out toxins, birch leaf extract helps to restore skin radiance from both inside and out which makes it perfect for a Spring detox.


Week 4 - Nutrition: the inner route to wellness

All human beings are intimately linked with nature, although it may not be something we reflect on every day. What goes on in nature as the seasons change has a profound effect on the wellbeing of our bodies and the strength of our spirit.


Week 5 - Seasonal Skin Care: Rhythm is life and life is rhythm

Evelyn Liddell, Weleda UK's skin care guru talks about the rhythms that surround us and that are within us and how they effect our skin care seasonally


Week 6 - Putting spring back into our lives

With Spring in the air, the time has come for us to reconnect with the outdoors once again and awaken from our winter hibernation.


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