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Weleda works closely with many leading make-up artists, supplying products to help keep skin glowing with health. Hannah Maxwell is a make-up artist for stars of film, TV and music videos.

You’ll have seen her work on the ‘Shine’ music video by Take That, and on stage at the Royal Opera House. She has also worked with film casts on location including the British feature film ‘Inner Calm’.

Though she uses a wide range of products, Hannah prefers natural skincare - so we asked her to share a few of her professional tips.

Q As make-up can dry the skin, what do you recommend to combat that?

A At the end of the week, after actors have had make-up repeatedly applied and removed, I treat them to the Wild Rose Smoothing Masque. I find it re-hydrates and plumps skin, and is soothing.

Q We understand you’ve found innovative uses for Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream. Any advice we can pass on?

A It’s my favourite Weleda product. It’s so versatile. I use it instead of a typical eight-hour cream. I use it for actors’ lips instead of a balm, eyelids to give sheen, and to soften cuticles. I mix it with lipsticks to create glossy sheer lip colours without stickiness, and with lip stains they give a better consistency without drying. I mix it with pale/sheen eye shadows and blushers to highlight brow bones and cheekbones. I’ve also spread it thinly on my hands to tame flyaway hairs on set when checking the final look for camera - and don’t forget to use it to slick those brows into place! I can’t live without it.

Q Are there common make-up errors you wish you could tell women about?

A Less is more. Some women need to update their look and embrace their natural beauty – choose fresh, natural colours and ditch heavy make-up, save it for glamorous evenings out. For daytime the natural look is where it’s at!

Q Is there a particular type of make-up you’d recommend - and why?

A I recommend natural mineral make-ups – look for one that’s paraben free and talc free. They often have a sun protection factor included, and some contain added skin-friendly vitamins and anti-oxidants. Why waste beneficial natural skincare by ruining it with chemically loaded make-up? There’s now a good range of natural make-up offering great coverage, finish and colour ranges. I always use mineral makeup in the voluntary work I do with Yes To Life, a cancer charity supporting complementary health care.

Q High Definition film must bring its own problems for your profession, when close-ups reveal every tiny imperfection. What can you do to help?

A Dry, rough knees and elbows show up really badly on High Definition film. My favourite solution is Skin Food - for all skin types. I’ve also used it to thin down gel tans that wash off, so they go on smoother and are more moisturising. Shaving rash also looks unattractive on high definition, as red shows up very strongly. As well as covering it with makeup, I try to prevent it by using Weleda’s natural Shaving Cream to ensure the shave is gentle on the skin, then use Weleda’s soothing After Shave Balm.

Q In your experience, are men becoming savvier about good skincare?

A Definitely. Actors take care of their skin as a matter of course, but now men from all walks of life take an interest - especially those already interested in organic food and looking after themselves. The skin is such a large organ, our first line of defence, and we all have to take care of it.

Q What’s your favourite treatment for overnight skin repair?

AI’ve recently discovered Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil. I’d recommend using it at night to rejuvenate the skin, and also at any time when stresses of weather, heating/air conditioning cause drying. This really refreshes and brings skin back to a great balance by morning.

Q Have you a No. 1 beauty tip to help skin maintain vitality and radiance?

A Obviously drinking lots of water keeps skin hydrated, but give it a boost and a treat once a week with a facial masque. Weleda has a variety to suit different skin types. Give your skin that bit of extra love. Also, always take off make-up at the end of the day and give it an opportunity to soak up nutrients while it repairs at night. Your skin will thank you for it!

Q For those on a tight budget, are there ways to make products go further, or ones with more than one use?

AThe best multi-tasker for me is the Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream. It cuts down on buying lots of products, and you only have to carry one tube. Revive old lipsticks by mixing them with the cream into a fresh, funky, sheer lip colour. Also try this mix on the cheeks, blending into a lovely soft translucent blusher - perfect for spring.

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