Meet James McMurray...

My name is James and Iím a pharmacist and homeopath.

I began training in homeopathy at the Royal London Hospital for integrated medicine in 2010, and I attended many of the sessions of the Anthroposophical medical training for Doctors in Stroud. I joined the General Anthroposophical society soon after.

Natural and holistic healthcare is my passion, and I was very pleased to start working at Weleda in March of 2015. The best part of my work is helping others with their questions about any aspect of complementary healthcare Ė from finding remedies to skincare.

Working with Weleda, I learn something new and interesting almost every day Ė whether thatís from their experienced pharmacists, biodynamic gardeners, In Harmony with you advisors and therapists, the many rare and informative books in the library - or even the people who telephone us or call in for medical advice. Itís renewed and refreshed my interest in medicine, and even my relationship to the seasons and nature.

Iíd like to be able to help spread awareness of the fantastic things we do at Weleda, and our great, natural and effective products. If you would like my help with your queries about these, I look forward to hearing from you!