Day 9 - Mindful queueing

day 9

Wherever you go, this late in the season, there’s bound to be a queue – to pay, to post something, to pick up cleaning, to park. When you are in a queue resentment simmers – think of all the things you could be doing if you weren’t stuck here! Why didn’t you shop earlier, go to a different shop, get it online?

Or there’s mindful queueing, accepting that, for this moment, this is where you are. Of course you acknowledge the frustration, annoyance, discomfort – some experiences are unpleasant and it’s fine to feel like this. But now focus on the here and now – your body, how you are standing, feet rooted to the ground and upper body tall. Bring your awareness to your breathing, and follow the course of the in-breath, all the way in and then the out-breath, all the way out.

Now shift your focus to the sights around you, from your position in the queue. Allow yourself to experience them with friendly curiosity – the colour and sparkle, the noisy bustle. What is pleasant about this moment? What does it allow you to notice which you might have otherwise missed in the rush? Take a moment to be fully aware and to savour the experience. It’s a tiny, precious moment of stillness amongst the festive chaos.