One minute of mindfulness


A guide given by Dr Frank Meyer, General Practitioner and Expert in Mindfulness and Stress Management

To go into oneself. To restore calmness. To regain strength.

How can we focus our awareness on the moment in time and leave stress and thoughts behind? Dr Frank Meyer explains how we can escape everyday stress and bring to mind the things that make us feel good. Follow us on a brief journey in to the world of mindfulness.

Episode 1: What is mindfulness?

Everybody talks about the meaning of mindfulness. So what is it all about? Dr Frank Meyer is a GP and an expert on the subject of mindfulness and stress management. He has been giving mindfulness workshops for many years and knows many valuable tips and tricks to manage stress and avoid burnout.

Episode 2: How can I train my awareness?

For many of us, living busy lives we are stuck living in our thoughts - so how can we train our awareness? Being aware of the here and now, can enable us to focus better on our daily tasks. Dr Frank Meyer gives us some tips on how to be more aware of living in the now and not just in our busy minds.

Episode 3: Good and bad stress - what is the difference?

Feeling stressed can feel perfectly normal, especially when we have an important task at hand. Dr Frank Meyer explains the difference between good and bad stress and why good stress is important for the body and brain.

Episode 4: Mindfulness - how do we benefit from it?

Is mindfulness really beneficial? Dr Frank Meyer explains the benefits of mindfulness on your overall health which has been scientifically proven.

Episode 5: How can I integrate mindfulness?

Dr Frank Meyer gives some useful tips on how we can integrate mindfulness into our everyday lives without adding extra to our already complicated lives.

Episode 6: What is better: Sport or meditation?

Both sport and meditation are beneficial for healthy living, but which is better? Dr Frank Meyer lets us know the benefits of each.

Episode 7: How can I fall asleep easily?

Dr Meyer offers some great advice on how to make yourself fall asleep easily at night.

Episode 8: Stage fright: can I overcome this with mindfulness?

Dr Frank Meyer discusses some mindfulness techniques to overcome stage fright.