Day 5 - Get your life back

Get your life back

All of us can look back to a time when life seemed less frantic. It could be as simple as the days before Christmas frenzy started to bite, maybe further back to a relaxing summer break, or even to an earlier time before a loss, a change or an increase in workload took over your daily existence.

Look back to that time, and recall as much detail as you can of the activities you remember. Did you enjoy solitary activities like reading or listening to a favourite piece of music? Were there active times when you went for walks, hikes or bike rides? Or did you get pleasure from time spent with friends or family playing board games, going to the theatre, baking with the children?

Pick just one of these activities and promise yourself you will do it, if not today then over this weekend. Whether it means five minutes or five hours, something important or something trivial, alone or in the company of others, let that activity put you back in touch with a part of your life that you had forgotten. That part of you has not been lost, and you don't have to wait until something else pushes you towards doing it. Just do it anyway and see what happens. It's time to reclaim your life!