Day 10 Ė Go to a film Ė any film

Day 10

This is a day for adventure, to remember that some of your happiest experiences are unexpected and accidental. If you donít make a space for that, what could happen which you arenít expecting?

So, make a date with a friend or family member for the cinema Ė but donít choose a film. Pick a time and a cinema and just go, choosing whatever film takes your fancy when you get there. Before you go, pick up the negative thoughts Ė I haven't got time for pleasure, or what if there is nothing on that I'll enjoy? But donít act on them Ė they undermine your enthusiasm and discourage you from action. Once you're inside the cinema, you can forget about all the negatives and be transported away by the film. And if itís terrible? Well, thatís a story you and your friend can laugh about later, over coffee and ice-cream, or on the way home.