Jardin de Vie

Overall scent concept

Weleda stands for natural fragrance competence: our perfumers develop in-house a wide range of sophisticated scent compositions made of natural essential oils. Each fragrance is a piece of art and the result of loving handwork.

We develop individually designed fragrances according to the leadplants and the special needs of our respective target groups. Weleda’s new Eaux Naturelles Parfumées are inspired by the fragrances of our leadplant ranges Evening Primrose, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn and Wild Rose. The gardens are individually designed and stimulate harmonious various emotions in the person wearing the fragrance. The wearer draws inspiration from the different plants in the garden and their very concrete associations.

  • Each fragrance inspires a picture of a walk in the garden
  • Natural ingredients ensure light and authentic fragrances
  • Each scent is an interpretation of the relative leadplant, inspired by our successful body and face care ranges
  • Essential oils are our key competence; we create all our scents at our Internal Fragrance Competence Center

Jardin de Vie onagre

Discover the garden of life. Inspired by the fragrance of the Evening Primrose skin care range, onagre lures you into the delicate fresh, floral scent of evening primrose flowers as they open at dusk.

Setting strong accents at the heart of the fragrance is the magnolia’s sensual and exotic, floral, green nuances. A cardamom top note contributes liveliness and freshness. Precious sandalwood, with its soft, balsamic, woody notes brings depth to the composition, leaving behind a gentle and enigmatic powdery scent on the skin.

Jardin de Vie Agrume

Discover the garden of life. Inspired by the fragrance of the Sea Buckthorn skin care range, agrume captures the sunbeams of a light-filled day.

A fresh, vital composition with the fruity fragrance of grapefruit and mandarin and rich notes of sandalwood.
Wear the scent of summer on your skin.

Attributes: Light-hearted - carefree, cheerful – mood enhancing, energy, vitality, summer/late summer, happiness and joie de vivre, transparency

Jardin de Vie Rose

Discover the garden of life. Inspired by the fragrance of the Wild Rose skin care range, rose lures you into a heavenly scented sea of beauty and harmony.

A floral composition with the gently flowery fragrance of rose and geranium and the opulent notes of ylang-ylang blossoms. A hue of romance and poetry.

Attributes: Sensuality, pampering – embracing, romantic, self-confident, loving, deep joy, dreamy, balance

Jardin de Vie Grenade

Discover the garden of life. Inspired by the fragrance of the Pomegranate skin care range, grenade lures you into exotic fragrance worlds. A sensual, feminine composition with the fruity fragrance of orange and davana and an oriental note of vanilla. Take a journey through the imagination.

Attributes: Attractiveness, inspiration, "mature" sensuality, femininity, timeless beauty, authenticity – I accept my age, vibrant, soft, rounded, natural luxury.