Organic elixirs as the seasons change

Our human system is never so far removed from nature that it doesn’t respond to the change of the seasons. With the rising of sap, the greening of the trees and the bursting of blossoms we feel a surge of energy, an urge to renew and revive. And as leaves fall, fruits ripen and animals hurry to make ready for winter, we feel a similar closing in, slowing down and desire to comfort, cosset and warm our lives. Our bodies are instinctively responding to changes in the light, and our thoughts often turn to health, as well as to spring-cleaning, or filling up the freezer. It’s a time to listen to your body, when a detox or a vitality-boost are exactly what’s needed to carry us through the next months.

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For people who genuinely care about long-term health, looking for something which is organic, vegetarian or vegan, leads you naturally to the juices and elixirs produced by Weleda. With ingredients that are organically or biodynamically grown, or from certified, controlled wild collection, they’re free from synthetic additives of any kind. The essences which make up our juice and elixirs come from native trees and shrubs – Silver Birch, Blackthorn and Sea Buckthorn.

Silver Birch Juice make ideal spring and autumn detox supplements, with extracts from young birch leaves helping to eliminate waste toxins. The juice is extracted from the leaves with a little-added lemon juice, and a sharp, refreshing flavour. A little-added sugar and honey make Birch Juice into a pleasant drink – taken either with water or tea 2-3 times a day. You can also mix some into a litre bottle of water to sip through the day, or stir in yoghurt.

Our Blackthorn Elixir takes hedgerow sloes, harvested under carefully controlled and certified conditions, and mixes them with organically grown sugar, lemon juice and honey to create an invigorating, fortifying elixir. Blackthorn comes into its own as a supplement during demanding times, such as growth phases, through pregnancy and breastfeeding, or for intensive periods at school or work.

Sea Buckthorn berries grow in harsh conditions, and are packed with antioxidant vitamins. Our Sea Buckthorn Elixir once again adds just organic sugar and honey to pack the punch of vitamins A, C and E into an immunity-boosting supplement. Sea Buckthorn is a good complement to Birch Juice, a combination that bolsters the system when it’s at its most demanding – especially for school children, athletes, smokers and convalescents.

So when you feel the seasons turn, and your body says it needs a little more, pick an elixir from Weleda and let nature do your body good.