Pumice Stone

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Made by nature to polish away tough skin on feet.
The natural answer to calluses and tough skin on heel, soles and toes, hung on a rope to make footcare easier!
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Pumice is one of nature’s wonders – a stone created by violent volcanic forces, which weighs next to nothing and has just the right abrasive surface to tackle hard, dry skin on your feet. Once seen in every bathroom, it’s been brought up to date by Weleda for you to use in your bath, shower or foot-spa. Step out with newly soft and flexible feet.

Natural stone with cotton rope. Polishes off calluses, rough spots and hard, thickened skin on feet.

How to use:
After bathing, gently rub the pumice on heels, soles and pressure points under toes. For even better results, soak feet first in a bowl of warm water with a capful of Pine, Rosemary or Lavender Bath Milk and follow the pumice treatment with Weleda Foot Balm or Skin Food. Do not use on inflamed, broken or infected skin.
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