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Dry brushing improves the circulation, helping to remove toxins, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone.
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Stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins.

A quick pick-up once a day. Use on dry skin and feel your life-force tingle through your skin. 

Dry-brushing daily is a simple way to stimulate circulation, bringing life back to your skin and helping your body to flush away toxins. Our natural-bristle brush is perfectly shaped to help you reach hard-to-get-at areas where cellulite can be a problem. Start with your legs and dry-brush thighs, bottom and backs of legs with long strokes towards your heart. Circular strokes on your tummy and long brushing from fingertips to shoulders complete a tingling daily pick-me-up.

Improves circulation, helps eliminate toxins and improves skin-tone when used regularly.

How to use: Use on dry skin for best results. Always brush towards your heart.
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Description Body Brush
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