Q&A interview with Paula Knorr – September 2017

How does it feel to be opening LFW?

Wonderful. My designs were always about movement, so I am extremely excited to finally show this on the catwalk!

What inspired your collection for SS18?

My biggest inspiration for next season was the woman and her wardrobe. How do we wear garments and how do they make us feel. I reworked and deconstructed a lot of wardrobe essentials to develop a PAULA KNORR idea of each.

How has the PAULA KNORR look evolved in the last couple of years?

Selling my collection to buyers and seeing my clothes in stores and on customers has had a big influence on me. When you are a student, you don´t think about those things. So I am working on making the collection more approachable to different kinds of women, and broadening the range while keeping the strong essence.

What fabrics/colours have you used to create the new collection?

I really tried to push fabrics I haven´t worked with before, like traditional shirting. There will still be a lot of metallics but this time softer, washed qualities. For colors, I mixed classic white and dark blue with strong red and blush pinks.

What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

A stretch velvet dress that evolved from deconstructing a big, oversized men’s hoody. It became something totally different and looks like a beautiful draped renaissance dress now.

What inspired you to collaborate with WELEDA?

I wanted to expand my idea of a strong and natural, sensual woman through all aspects of the show. WELEDA has the same approach to femininity, so our collaboration feels absolutely natural to me. I also use WELEDA products on a daily basis. At such an important event like my show, it matters to me that I can happily stand behind all the products included.

What’s your definition of beauty?

For me beauty is something unique to every woman that comes with character and personality and has nothing to do with trends.

Why have you chosen Martina’s ‘barely there’ make-up look for your show?

I love to work with Martina as she understands my wish to work with each girl's personality and unique look, rather than putting one “mask” like make-up on every girl.

When did you first come across WELEDA?

I grew up in Germany and both my mum, who is a painter and illustrator, and my grandma used WELEDA products.

What products do you take on the plane when travelling?

Hand cream and a moisturiser for my face. I love the Weleda Pomegranate hand cream which will be in my front row gift bags at my show. Weleda Skin Food is a handbag essential when travelling.

Is there a favourite WELEDA product that will be on your Christmas list?

I have the feeling my skin needs much more nutrition as I am getting older. So I started using face oils recently. So probably the Almond face oil.