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We are all individual and our skin needs different products at different times of life. Rather than a skin 'type', we should consider our skin 'phase', which is influenced by our age, our health and environment. Using our unique Lead Plant Philosophy we have created a range of holistic natural products that are responsive, protective and supportive - that work with your skin and its changing needs.

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Address the first signs of skin ageing in your 30s by smoothing fine lines, renewing radiance and intensively moisturising with deeply nourishing rosehip seed oil to restore a rosy glow.

Combines antioxidant enriched pomegranate and argan oils to nourish and strengthen maturing skin in your 40s, encourages cell renewal leaving skin smoother, firmer and naturally radiant.

Rejuvenating facial skin care with a unique patent-pending, natural Collagen+ Active Complex to boost collagen, reduce deep wrinkles, and bring greater definition to facial contours.

The original Skin Food has multiple uses, with many fans using it on both face and body, but Skin Food Face is the first range in the Skin Food line up dedicated solely to facial skincare.

A specialist collection designed for problem skin. Deep pore cleansing and purifying, the products leave skin balanced and refreshed for a visibly clearer complexion.

For stressed or sensitive skin, our fragrance-free soothing Almond skincare helps reduce irritation and reddening, restoring the skin's natural balance and enhancing its protective barrier.

Our effective, quick-to-use and all natural dedicated men's range, leaves skin fresh and smooth the entire day.

Keep skin refreshed in your 20s with balancing iris, soothing calendula and purifying witch hazel from day to night, maintaining the skin’s moisture and lipid balance.