At any time of life sweating is perfectly natural and it’s not, in itself, usually offensive. But sweat harbours bacteria and, in a society less and less tolerant of natural processes, strong odours from sweat are not just unwanted, but seen as positively anti-social. Most of us will go to great lengths to mask or remove them. 

With Weleda deodorants, the natural sweating process is allowed to continue its essential job, but the odour is inhibited. Our 24-hour Roll-ons are formulated with certified natural ingredients like natural liquorice root extract, known for its soothing, antimicrobial properties, and natural astringent witch hazel distillate, which also helps to calm the skin. The new roll-ons from Weleda are available in three natural scents, both easy to apply, dermatologically tested and free from antiperspirant ingredients, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives or parabens. They contain no aluminium salts and offer natural freshness without altering your body’s sweating function. 

As well as these handy additions to the deodorant range, our popular spray deodorants have also undergone a make-over! The well loved Citrus, Sage and Wild Rose sprays have been redesigned and reformulated with the addition of two new ingredients for an even more effective formulation.
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