From our caring Everon for dry chapped lips, to our new tinted lip balms, we are once again creating protective formulations designed to care for your lips by nourishing and bringing out the natural beauty.

As you would expect from a skincare expert with nearly a century of expertise, all three of our new lip balms are good for lips, and made with a high proportion of nourishing cold-pressed plant oils to protective vegetable waxes, to create a trio of skin-friendly, vegan-friendly and eco-friendly products. These tinted creamy-light lip balms enhance your natural beauty with a hint of colour and subtle sheen, whilst providing natural protection for smooth and soft lips with organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil.

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Berry Red Tinted Lip Balm 10ml
Item No. 106030
Lip Balm Berry Red 10ml
Lip Balm 4.8g
Item No. 106017
Everon© Lip Balm 4.8g
Nude Tinted Lip Balm 10ml
Item No. 106029
Lip Balm Nude 10ml
£6.95 Out of stock
Rose Tinted Lip Balm 10ml
Item No. 106031
Lip Balm Rose 10ml
£0.00 Out of stock
Skin Food Lip Balm 8ml
Item No. 106060
Skin Food Lip Balm 8ml