Our range of all-natural haircare products that will set your hair free from the cumulative build up of synthetic ingredients that can weigh hair down and irritate the scalp, leading to dullness, dryness and hair breakage. Pure plant extracts and precious oils revitalise hair and scalp in the Weleda range, creating lustrous locks by restoring your hair’s natural strength and shine.

The Weleda Haircare range is NATRUE-certified genuinely natural and uses plant-based cleansing agents that are as gentle on the scalp as they are on the planet. 

A Key part of our holistic hair care philosophy is our lead plant principle - a combination of anthroposophical and scientific knowledge. This concept is based on the link between the lead plant and the needs of the body. Hair and grains have many similarities, such as the way they grow, their surface and their structure.  And just as grains can only grow in fertile earth, shiny hair can only grow on a healthy scalp.

Tailored to the individual requirements of the respective hair type, Weleda provides the scalp and hair with exactly what it needs. The ingredients in our formulations all contribute to the effectiveness of the product. The unique fragrances derived from pure essential oils make our hair care an experience for all the senses.  Our mild cleansing and caring products revitalise your scalp and give you naturally beautiful hair.
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