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Oils form a protective covering - this phenomenon plays an especially significant role when they are externally applied, either in a medical context or as part of a holistic body care regimen. It is important to pay attention to their origin and quality; they should come from organic cultivation and be carefully processed. 

We can also benefit from the strong relationship that oils have with heat and energy: oil liniments usually have a warming and invigorating effect, which is especially helpful when our bodies are weakened or chilled, as can often be the case during the winter months.  Essential oils can be dissolved in fatty oils, which allows for a wide range of possible applications for body oils. As essential oils have different capabilities, when using them care should be taken to differentiate according to bodily constitution and skin type, and their effect on our entire organism. For example, the essential oils of lavender and rosemary that are used in our Arnica Massage Oil both stimulate our metabolism (rosemary) and balance our nervous system (lavender) - the effect is warming and relaxing. In contrast, our Lavender Relaxing Body Oil allows the calming effect lavender has on our body and spirit to fully unfold, and massaging it into our skin helps bring on a pleasant sleep. 

Weleda body oils are compositions based on selected pure plant oils. Harmonised with extracts from medicinal plants and natural essential oils. 
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