Dr Matthew Everest - Winner of Congress 2018 Student Competition 

A little bit about Dr Matthew Everest

"I began studying homeopathy about 5 years ago.

After experiencing the success of Bach flower remedies on myself and on patients I became more interested in studying homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine.

I find homeopathy a holistic approach which, besides the physical and emotional symptoms we often look for, takes into account many other aspects of the patient’s life such as their job, joys, dreams, fears, beliefs, desires, hobbies etc. I find homeopathy very exciting in that it can incredibly draw all these aspects together!

This is a great extra tool in my doctor’s bag. I often encounter medical conditions that I am unable to heal or even alleviate safely with the usual drugs and antibiotics.

I find it a huge relief not to have to worry about possible dangerous side-effects and interactions when compared with prescribing drugs. Homeopathy can also allow me to treat apparently unrelated physical and mental symptoms with a single remedy as opposed to perhaps a combination of drugs and referrals to consultants.

On another level it brings a deeper connection with the patient. Identifying the required homeopathic remedy requires a clear perception of the patient’s outlook on life. Also self-awareness of feelings that arise in me caused by the patient also assist finding the remedy, for example whether the patient made me feel sympathetic, anxious or protective towards them. They can all point to differing remedies. Every aspect of the consultation is useful!

It is very humbling and heartening, the power the remedies have to heal, sometimes in front of my very eyes. Also in conditions I know might otherwise potentially require symptomatic treatments for years or not be amenable to any other treatment. These encounters nourish my love of homeopathy and inspire me with gratitude for this healing modality.

At a deeper level, homeopathy to me represents “freedom”. It is the freedom to treat patients, myself, family and friends gently and effectively often without requiring further medical attention. It is healing in an effective, gentle, personal way and is inexpensive.

I perceive illness as a limitation of the “freedom” that is the meaning of the human condition.
I imagine the beings that come from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms to have a certain one-sidedness when compared to humanity. I imagine homeopathic potentisation captures their essence and one-sidedness, the remedy having a healing potential to match the one-sided limitedness in the condition of illness in the patient. The matching simillimum restoring the patient to the freedom of health.

Homeopathy has answered an unconscious longing in me to be reunited with living nature, which was lacking in my career previously.

It is also a stand for a richer, living concept of the world and humanity. A concept filled with soul and spirit beyond simple mechanical concepts of health.

This freedom that homeopathy offers me is why I will dedicate my life to its study and practice and fight for it!"