Friday 29th June 2018 9.30am – 4.30pm
at Weleda UK, Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8DR

Cost £50 (lunch included)

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Regenerating Soil Health

A workshop for gardeners and workers of the soil including allotment holders, small-holders and arable farmers.

A healthy, functioning soil is the foundation of a thriving, successful garden or farm. Soil health not only influences plant production, but it also regulates other ecosystem services such as water and wildlife and improves the quality and nutritional value of fresh produce, which in turn benefits human health.

The essence of a healthy soil is a living soil, and this workshop will be an exploration of soil health from this living perspective. The day will comprise a mixture of principles and practice and will include discussions on:

  • The soil food web and plant-microbe relations
  • Interactions of soil biology, chemistry and physics
  • Compost and compost extract production
  • Feeding the soil and feeding plants
  • Plant diversity as the driver of agro-ecosystem resilience
  • Plant immunity and Integrated Pest Management
  • Practical workshops on compost extract production and basics of assessing soil health and plant health

About the speaker

Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator, who teaches on the relationships between plants and soils with a particular focus on soil biology. Joel studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in plant and soil interactions and he used to manage an edible campus garden at the University of Roehampton in London. He has a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical knowledge on agroecological growing practices and has lectured worldwide.