South Normanton Cycling Club

This summer, Weleda is proudly sponsoring the South Normanton Cycling Club (SNCC) to participate in the Haute Route Alps 2018, an event which allows amateur cyclists to experience the world of professional road racing.

Meet the team

Matt Bagshawe

"For me, the event is about testing my limits and providing motivation to train to be the best I can be at the sport. Having competed for a couple of years as a triathlete and completing my first Iron Man last year, I’m looking forward to concentrating on the cycling discipline and pushing myself even further. Riding in the Alps for a week with my mates is also a nice bonus!"

Paul Waterhouse

"I'm not a deep thinker l never dreamed of becoming a pro cyclist, riding the Haute Route for me is all about being part of the SNCC Haute Route team on the biggest and the most exciting challenge of my life."

James Simpson

"I want to ride the Haute Route so I can put my mates in a dark place."

Daniel Ward

"I'm doing the Haute Route because it is a challenge like no other, 7 days of riding my bike as hard as I can in the French Alps really ticks the box for me. Coupled with doing it alongside a few other cycling mad members of South Normanton Cycling Club it should be an absolutely awesome week. Weleda's support for this journey has set us up in the best possible way and we look forward to sharing our journey with all who care to listen. For now, training, training, and more training!

Dale Lane

"Since childhood, I have always had a fascination with Cycling and the Tour de France, in particular, the mountain stages. The Haute Route is the only opportunity an Amateur cyclist will have to experience the French Alps on closed roads within a competitive timed event over several stages. Add to the fact I will be entering with six other friends will no doubt make this one of the most memorable experiences of my life."

Paul Sutcliffe

"It's one of the hardest challenges for an amateur cyclist I've done the Étape and this is like seven Étapes day after day it's going to take me to a place I've never been before physically and mentally. It also got me out on my bike in the poor winter weather as you have to put the miles in and lastly really looking forward to taking part with a great bunch of mate's that I've met through cycling."

Craig Johnson / Brent Holmes - TBC

Craig is currently struggling with injury. Brent is riding the Pyrenees event (and training with us). Brent is likely to be on the podium for at least one stage of the race!