Economic Sustainability

In a sustainable economy the earth’s resources are not used up faster than nature renews them.

A value-creating economy

Profitability is the product of flourishing ecosystems and thriving communities. Benefits are shared fairly. For Weleda, an ethical and value-creating economy is more than just a catchphrase – it is at the heart of the business alongside the people who make it happen.

A sustainable economy is built, in our view, on ethical principles, innovation, investment and a healthy financial foundation, using available resources to our best advantage. The idea is to promote the use of those resources in a way that is efficient, responsible and likely to provide long-term benefits, while consistently returning a profit.

To enhance the value of the company, Weleda focuses on both consumers and employees – their personal development, their health and their need for a balanced lifestyle, including physical well-being. This is our definition of an ethical and value-creating economy.

Gains and Investments

Acute business understanding determines the economic orientation of Weleda. To keep Weleda’s vision alive, it is essential to secure long-term independence and autonomy, but unless we have economic success, we cannot implement a sustainable corporate strategy. Profit from the business is needed to invest in social and environmental sustainability.

Risk Reduction

By conducting business responsibly, Weleda improves the company’s capacity to deal with risk – from behaviour in the market and environmental issues to relationships with employees, interest groups and stakeholders. This creates sustainable value, which can be distributed to employees through earnings, to investors through dividends and to the wider public in the countries where we operate through our payment of taxes.

Adding value

Added value to the company

Weleda’s business actions create value for the company and our value-added statement explains the contribution of the Weleda Group to private and public income. It also shows the expense at which Weleda achieved its company performance and how the added value was distributed.

“Weleda views its employees as co-entrepreneurs who are part of the business process. Supporting and promoting a sense of personal responsibility and self-awareness on the part of every individual is extremely important to us.”