After childbirth

After childbirth

How to take care of your body and wellbeing after childbirth

Relax once your baby arrives

As soon as your baby is here, he will get all your attention, but do think of yourself as well during these first hours. It may be after giving birth you have so much adrenaline in your body, you won’t be able to sleep. Lavender can be a great help during these first happy hours, the delicious fragrance giving you a contented, relaxed feeling and brightening the atmosphere of your room.

It helps to write down your immediate feelings after the baby has arrived in a notebook or diary. You will find it a nice reminder later, and a great way to process emotions.

Torn or sore after childbirth

It may well be that the perineum has torn or been cut during childbirth, or the skin is sore and stretched. For the first few days you are likely to feel sore, especially when sitting. Try a spray or ointment based on soothing calendula to provide relief. Gently apply the spray on a piece of gauze to the torn area and replace it several times a day. Later you will be more able to rub the painful area with the ointment.

To help heal the skin of your perineum, a few weeks after giving birth, as long as you are not still bleeding, massage the spot gently with a daily oil specially developed for use on this delicate skin. This helps to make your skin supple. But don’t forget, if you intend to use a condom, that essential oils can damage rubber.

Muscle aches and bruises

Your muscles, especially those of the upper arms, thighs and back, have made an enormous effort during labour, and you will notice them complaining after the birth is over. Help ease the muscles with a massage oil containing extract of Arnica. Rub the oil into all the painful areas and keep doing so regularly for several days, helping to relax and heal your aching muscles.

If you have suffered bruising during delivery where forceps were used, you can ease discomfort with an ointment based on Arnica. Arnica extract stimulates circulation and helps underlying tissue to rebuild its strength.