Introducing kick boxer and Weleda Arnica Ambassador Reon Wong 

Weleda Arnica Ambassador Reon Wong is a 34-year-old British kick boxer and Muay Thai fighter who has been kick boxing since 2017. At 6’4” and with a fight weight of 82-90kg, he is the 2022 ISKA* K-1 (Kick Boxing) British, European and World Champion, in his weight division. Reon is currently #2 in the UK K-1 rankings. Reon and his wife Georgina live in South London with their three young children.

During lockdown (when gyms were closed) Reon started a free community running club #RunWithRe, encouraging runners of all fitness levels to come together outside, to benefit not only their fitness levels but also their mental wellbeing. The running group continues to go from strength to strength and some of the members have gone from running under 5km to now completing multiple marathons.

Weleda is delighted to be supporting Reon as he trains for his next big K1 combat fight in July.

*ISKA is the official sports governing body for mixed martial arts including kick boxing, Muay Thai fighting and karate.

Watch (or read) our chat with Reon about his training and recovery:

When were you first introduced to kick boxing, and what drew you to it?

I’ve always been fascinated by, and loved, martial arts from a child. But in more recent years I wanted to show my children that it’s never too late and that you’re capable of achieving anything if you dedicate to it.

What is the difference between kick boxing and Muay Thai fighting?

The main difference is the scoring and the rule sets, but they’re very similar. In Muay Thai the scoring system is different in regard to kicks and you’re allowed to clinch, and that scores higher, whereas in K1 or kick boxing everything kind of scores the same and there’s no clinch and no elbows.

Do you enjoy any other sports?

Yes, I like most racket sports, swimming, and obviously running with #RunWithRe!

What does a typical week of training look like?

Very busy! I train usually two to three times a day, six days a week. Pretty intense as well. So it’s quite hectic.

How often do you compete, and when is your next big fight?

I like to try and aim for at least four fights a year. I just recently fought, last weekend, and my next big fight is 8 July.

Where did your fight name “The Beast” come from?

My work ethic. Everyone sees how much work I put in. It’s a reference to ‘beast mode’ - everyone’s always saying I train like a beast, so that’s where it comes from!

What have been the highlights of your career to date, and what are you aiming for?

My highlight so far is seeing the look on my family’s face and my children when I brought back the World title! To be honest, everything that I have achieved so far in martial arts, for me, is major - the small victories and even the losses, everything is important and plays an important role in my journey, because we’re going to the top!

What are the particular challenges of your sport?

The hardest part is the sacrifice that my family makes when I’m at Fight Camps, and not being able to spend time with them, because a lot of the time I’m out. The kids and my wife will be sleeping or they’ll be getting ready for school when I’m going out, and by the time I get back they’ll be going back to bed. So it’s long days, a lot of hours put in behind the scenes. A lot of people just see the hand being raised in the ring, or the social media posts, but there’s a lot of sacrifice that happens behind the scenes.

What are the typical injuries with kick boxing?

Black eyes, bumps and swelling.

What is your approach to wellbeing – are you interested in natural health?

Yes. I don’t take any medication, I’m very much a believer in holistic healing and natural remedies.

What lifestyle changes have helped you to work your body so hard, so you can keep doing what you love doing?

I think being vegan and having a plant-based diet has definitely helped with my nutrition and my energy, and my body being in tune with itself. I cut back on partying and all that kind of stuff, so I can really focus on training, resting and recovery.

Do you encourage your children to do sport, do you do any activities as a family?

Yes my children are very active and I definitely encourage them to do anything that they enjoy doing. I don’t try and push them towards doing anything in particular, but I let them find their way and whatever they enjoy we highly encourage them to do it. As a family, we do make the most of any time that we get together, and we often try to get out at least once a week or so to try and do something as a family.

Do you have a favourite Weleda product and what do you like about it?

So I don’t have a particular favourite, I have a few favourites! But in particular at the moment it’s the Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel which has definitely been helping me during this recovery (I had a fight last week and took some big knocks and had a lot of bruising and soreness) and also the Arnica Bumps & Bruises Spray, which is a game changer!

I am proud to be a brand ambassador and to be on board with Weleda. Thank you for letting me join the team!

Quick-fire Quiz

Favourite season?

Best holiday ever?
Anywhere with my family. In particular Turkey.

Current book you’re reading?
I’m not the strongest of readers, so I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Currently at the moment, Joe Rogan (The Joe Rogan Experience) and triathlete David Goggins.

Daily mantra?
You’re capable of anything.

Food craving?
Anything sweet.

Bath or shower?

Birthday treat?
Time with my family.

Spectator sport?

Anything combat related.

Guilty pleasure?
Probably taking colouring a bit too seriously when helping my daughter colour in her books!

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