Aroma Showers Bathing Rituals

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new Aroma Showers! This new range of mood-enhancing shower gels and creams is inspired by the scents of the natural world and their proven aromatherapeutic benefits. Now, even a daily shower can be enhanced to a spa-worthy, sensorial experience. Discover the range today, along with the bespoke rituals our in-house skincare expert, Elizabeth King, has created.

Weleda LOVE Aroma Shower Cream

LOVE Pampering Creamy Body Wash

Inspired by the original Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, LOVE’s sophisticated spin is provided by rich tones of jasmine and ylang ylang for a fresher yet still intoxicating aromatic profile.

“Following your Aroma Shower, pat skin dry then give yourself a ‘hug’ using Weleda Wild Rose Pampering Body Oil. Apply the oil with long, sweeping strokes across the chest, starting at one shoulder and moving across to the next. Repeat on the other side. Continue with a figure of eight movement around the shoulder ending at the breastbone. Repeat three times on each side. Stroke up the inside of your palms and arms, beginning at the fingertips, all the way to the shoulders, then continue downwards on the outside of the arm. Finally, using both hands on either side of the spine, start as high up as you can reach and continue with a full stroke down your back.”

Weleda RELAX Aroma Shower Cream

RELAX Comforting Creamy Body Wash

Reminiscent of the original Lavender Creamy Body Wash, the lavender heart is now finessed with brighter top notes of bergamot and base notes of warm woody vetiver for a comforting moment of tranquillity.

Practice this conscious breathing exercise to help rest your mind and encourage of moment of stillness.

“Close your eyes, drawing your focus inwards. Rotate your shoulders three times backwards as if gently scooping up some water and letting it flow down your back. Bring your shoulders to rest and notice how your chest is open and ready for deep breathing. Take three  deep breaths, and as you exhale, each time let go of a little more of the outer world and its demands.”

Weleda ENERGY Aroma Shower Gel

ENERGY Stimulating Shower Gel

Feel Good Shower that launched during 2020’s lockdown continues to hit the right note. Renamed ENERGY, it has earned itself a permanent place in the Aroma Shower line-up with its essential oil blend of ginger, citronella and cedarwood to energise and uplift.

“Before showering, on dry skin, dry body brushing helps stimulate the microcirculation in the skin and exfoliates any dead skin cells. Work with long strokes, towards the heart, at a strength that is comfortable for you.  Start on the right leg, front and back, working from the feet upwards, then continue with the right arm (front and back, from the fingers upwards). Repeat on the left side. Brush your lower back in a clockwise circle. Then switch to the stomach, continuing with gentle, clockwise brush strokes. Finally, start a horizontal figure of eight on the breastbone (center of the chest) and guide the brush from the center outwards; first circling around the right, then continue around the left breast. Adapt the pressure to suit your individual needs. Dry brushing twice weekly helps to reduce skin dryness and promotes skin elasticity. Skin feels soft, revitalised and invigorated.”

Weleda HARMONY Aroma Shower Gel

HARMONY Wellbeing Shower Gel

2019’s limited edition Forest Harmony proved so popular it joins the permanent collection proving the power of essential oils of silver fir, Siberian fir and lavandin for an invigorating ‘forest bathing’ experience.

"Imagine you are in your favourite place in nature. Close your eyes and imagine that your feet are connected to the ground beneath them. Now, gently rock yourself forwards and backwards on your feet. Begin in a forward direction, moving all the way until you are on your toes. Then slowly, moving consciously through your feet, move your body backwards so that you are on your heels. Go in each direction as far as you can while remaining balanced. Repeat this a few times before resuming an upright, centred position. Be still, with shoulders relaxed and feel the roots of your feet grow downwards and the nourishment and vitality of the earth rise up within you."

“Fragrances have a unique effect on us: not only do they evoke memories, but they also affect our wellbeing. Many plants contain essential oils that can revitalise, harmonise or calm the body, mind and spirit. This aromatherapeutic approach extends the perfuming approach of conventional cosmetics significantly and is an important advantage for holistic, natural cosmetics.”

Dr Leo Zängerle, Head of Weleda Fragrance Development Centre.

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