Don’t let little imperfections distract you from living life to the full

Conceal minor blemishes naturally with Weleda Beauty Balms. The 5 in 1 products refine the appearance of the skin, strengthen the skin’s natural protective function and offer a matte effect and subtle tint. Enjoy lasting moisture with extracts of organic iris and cucumber without clogging your pores. Containing witch hazel as well as skin-caring shea butter and jojoba oil to help your skin look after itself. For naturally beautiful skin and an even complexion. Suitable for sensitive skin and available in two shades.

Apply your preferred shade each morning after cleansing. Apply to your face, neck and décollétage, blending evenly. For enhanced covering, repeat the application and for a hydration boost.

Apply the Beauty Balm after the application of any Weleda facial care product. Refresh throughout the day as required.

Top tip: Weleda Beauty Balms are inter-mixable. Find your perfect shade by mixing both products together. Use a make-up brush to blend them evenly.

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