How to give yourself a relaxing calf massage

How to give yourself a relaxing calf massage

Find yourself a comfortable spot where you feel safe and at ease. Perfect to try using Skin Food Body Butter or a massage oil of your choice.

Our 5-Step Calf Massage

calf massage illustration step 1

Step 1:

While seated on the floor, place your foot close to your body. Elevate the ball of the foot on a rolled-up towel, for example, to stretch the Achilles tendon.

Step 2:

Rub both thumbs across the Achilles tendon from the middle outwards. Be sure never to rub it lengthwise, for this might cause inflammation of the tendon.

calf massage illustration step 2
calf massage illustration step 3

Step 3:

Place the foot loose and relaxed on the floor. Wrap your hands around the calf and stroke upwards to just below the knee, applying light pressure.

Step 4:

Place the fingertips of both hands at the base of the calf on both sides and, wander up the calf muscles, using circular movements. Repeat this process, each time moving a few centimetres closer to the middle of the calf, working your way across the entire calf from outside to inside.

calf massage illustration step 4
calf massage illustration step 5

Step 5:

Shake the calf rhythmically to loosen up the muscles, and then stroke the calf gently upwards using your palms. Now massage the other calf, follow steps 1 to 5.


Never massage your legs in the case of a muscle tear or sprain. Also, refrain from massage in the case of varicose veins or water retention.