Weleda – Leading the way in #cleanerbeauty since 1921

As shoppers become increasingly conscientious and demand more from the products that they love - from the ingredients used, to the ethical and social responsibilities of brands producing them - the desire for key beauty players to be transparent in their practices is driving forward a ‘cleaner’ beauty market. However, with this growing demand comes a risk of increased confusion in an already crowded and unclear market. With a growing numbers of certification seals and statements on pack, it is unsurprising that customers can become unsure about where to turn.

‘Cleaner Beauty’ looks to be the next big trend for 2018, but with the term meaning different things for different people, what does it mean to pioneering natural brand Weleda?

For Weleda, cleaner beauty is more than a mandate to remove ‘nasties’ from products, although that’s a good start! It’s a total, holistic approach to wellbeing, understanding that true beauty is more than skin deep. It’s also a firm belief in the importance of honest, authentic, ethical brand values and working practices – clean by name, clean by nature.

Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda UK, says: “For Weleda, cleaner beauty is about taking a complete holistic approach to your personal care routine, minimising the impact on the world around us and strengthening mind, body and spirit. Consumers are becoming more informed in the choices they make, highlighting their desire for the principles Weleda have held true for over 90 years. Whether it’s through the natural products we develop, our commitment to sustainability, biodynamic cultivation, nurturing our team of Wellbeing Advisors or pioneering in ethical practices, cleaner beauty runs through everything we do, and it always has”.

Every single one of Weleda’s natural and organic cosmetics is NATRUE certified, and free from artificial additives such as synthetic fragrances, GMO ingredients, mineral oils, silicones and petroleum derivatives.

Weleda’s hero skincare product Skin Food has been available in an unchanged formulation since 1926, truly positioning Weleda as a leader in cleaner cosmetics. Loved by celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Adele, Weleda Skin Food is authentically all-natural and one is sold globally every 30 seconds!

Wake up naturally with Weleda

Weleda are encouraging us all to wake up naturally and stay that way, switching to clean beauty choices. Every morning our bodies are bombarded by numerous synthetic ingredients hidden away in our daily routine. From foaming agents in toothpastes through to aluminium salts in our anti-perspirant. By replacing our ‘everyday essential’ products like shower gels, shampoos, deodorants and toothpastes with certified natural alternatives we can reduce the number of chemicals being used on our skin as part of our daily routines.