Festival Fever!

Beauty Editor Victoria Riedl, will be heading to the Just So! festival this year, but not without a few beauty essentials.

Every year we take our three children to the Just So festival. Billed as “A journey of the imagination”, the event transports kids to a muddy wonderworld and we get to tag along for the ride. It doesn’t rely on headline acts, but old fashioned fun with fire, fairies and plenty of fancy dress. The Weleda tent has always been my sanctuary; a haven where I can bathe my babies and inhale the wonderful aromas. As well as the obligatory wet wipes, I also ensure I have a few beauty essentials in the rucksack so I feel put together even when pampering is bottom of the agenda.

1. Skin Food, £2.25 for 10ml - one of my all-time favourite beauty products. A little tube of this goes everywhere with me as I consider it as good as 8 hours sleep for my skin. As well as a night cream, the thick balm-like texture packed with Calendula hydrates dry elbows and heels and soothes sun-scorched shoulders. The handy 10ml tube is the perfect size for a weekend away.

2. Citrus Deodorant, £5.95 for 30ml - I love the lemony scent and use it to feel and smell fresh. I also spray it around the tent to enliven our spirits and get rid of any musty camping canvas smells.

3. Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, £2.55 for 30ml - this is a favourite with all the family and I use it on all my eczema-prone children. It’s healing, gentle and the creamy moisturising formula leaves skin feeling hydrated so I can happily skip body lotion.

4. Millet Nourishing Shampoo, £9.95 - with all the messy play on offer a quick dash to the showers with this NATRUE-certified natural shampoo is a must. It’s biodegradable so won’t harm the environment - ideal for wild campers if using outdoor showers or rivers.

5. Aknedoron Purifying Lotion, £9.95 for 50ml - sweaty tents and sun screen can leave my skin prone to outbreaks, but sweeping this lotion infused with thyme, lavender and sage over my face, back and chest not only feels soothing but rebalances and calms shiny or greasy areas.

6. Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion, £1.95 for 10ml - heat up some water on the camping stove and wash away the dust, sweat and face paint from the day. It’s fragrance-free so perfect for my sensitive skin. I use it with a muslin cloth, which gives a gentle exfoliation plus muslins are quick drying, light to pack and handy when out and about for wiping grubby faces and hands.

7. Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream, £2.95 for 5ml and Calendula Face Cream, £2.55 for 10ml - there is room in my bag for both these daily moisturisers. Wild Rose with its natural healing and anti-aging properties ensures my skin has a glow, whereas I’ll reach for Calendula if my skin feels tight or irritated - plus it’s wonderful for the children to use too.