First aid for sunburn

Top tips for healthy skin

  1. If you do get sunburn, step out of the sun immediately and go indoors. Once you’re protected from the sun’s rays, the body can start to repair any damage to the skin.
  2. Cool large areas of the skin with damp towels or a wet t-shirt.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids; water or green tea are particularly beneficial.
  4. A yoghurt compress is a good household remedy, and cools for up to 4 hours. Do not apply the cold yoghurt directly to the skin, as it could stick to the skin as it warms. Place a clean cloth on a kitchen towel, spread a layer of yoghurt on it, top with another clean cloth and then cover that with a hand towel. Then place the compress on the affected area.
* Note: In case of open wounds or large areas of severely sunburnt skin, seek immediate medical treatment