I am pregnant!

Hello baby, hello world

Now you are certain that you are pregnant having taken a pregnancy test. A new life is now growing within you. How does that feel? What is happening to your body?

I’m making time for myself

Take your time in digesting this wonderful news. Make sufficient time for yourself as it is not just your body that will change during the months ahead, it is also your mind and spirit. Make some time for yourself, you have approximately nine months ahead of you. Take time to become a mother; develop at your own speed and style – these are important prerequisites for a happy and confident motherhood.

Take account of your feelings and be open to changes

Whatever you are feeling at this moment is right for you. Listen to your body and think about your baby within you.. Your viewpoints and feelings may well change during the months of your pregnancy. Anything is possible: you will feel great happiness, anticipation, curiosity but also doubts and fears. It is quite normal to have conflicting feelings. Many women ask themselves: was this the right decision? What kind of mother will I be? How will the new father cope? Will we manage to be good parents? It’s OK to have these questionsas youadjust to this new phase of your lives.