Well protected

During pregnancy be more conscious what you eat and drink. Because now you are also nourishing your baby and you react more sensitively to your environment.

Protect yourself from external influences

Principally the placenta ensures that the new life is protected. Nature has a so-called “placenta barrier” installed – a very clever system – which ensures that most pathogens do not reach the baby. However, some such as the rubella virus, can get through this placenta barrier. The same applies to alcohol, nicotine and some medicinal products which may harm the baby.

You should also avoid some types of food during pregnancy such as certain soft cheeses (as long as they are made with pasteurised milk they are fine). It may be possible that some pathogens could get through the placenta barrier and could lead to infection. Outside pregnancy, these diseases are normally of no consequence, but during pregnancy these same pathogens may be dangerous for the baby. If you are worried about anything, talk to your GP or midwife.