Concentration, please!

Some would call it being 'dreamy', whatever it may be, it is quite normal that during pregnancy your priorities change.

Attentive, tired or forgetful?

Some pregnant women experience forgetfulness or tiredness or have difficulties concentrating, others experience just the opposite: they are more active and have no problem concentrating. Every woman experiences her pregnancy in different ways – some feel even more energised.

Keeping calm and collected

During pregnancy it is quite normal for your priorities to change.  Forgetting someone’s birthday or an appointment doesn’t automatically mean that you are forgetful. Something wonderful is happening in your body and your thoughts are occupied with this important change in your life. Accept these changes calmly as it is possible that this situation may last for some time yet. No worries, this is completely normal.

Accept that you may be a little forgetful sometimes, as your priorities change regarding dates and matters that are important to you.

Thinking for two

Once your baby arrives you will have to think for at least two. You will have so many things to fit into each day, not least of which will be trying to fit in some sleep!.


Stress can lead to forgetfulness or not being able to concentrate. If you feel that this isn’t just due to your pregnancy, try to get more calmness into your life. Perhaps you would like to talk about this with a friend or your midwife. Sometimes work pressures cause stress during pregnancy and may continue after the baby has arrived.

How can I improve my concentration?

Try to live in the moment and consciously take note of your environment. Dr.Frank Meyer will show you how and through some simple breathing exercises, you can improve your concentration.