Tired, sleeplessness

Do you know the feeling of being tired and yet not being able to sleep? It is not always everyday stress that gives us sleepless nights; often our hormones affect our sleep patterns, too.

Reasons for sleeplessness

Body, mind and spirit are interrelated. Our body needs enough sleep and rest to be fit for the next day. With everyday demands on our lives, there just isn’t time to take a nap when we feel tired. As we lie awake at night we may also be thinking about pregnancy and the life-changing issues this brings with it. Of course, it could just be our hormones playing us up!

Women and the sleep rhythm

During the monthly cycle,  women’s hormone levels vary quite considerably, particularly during pregnancy and during breastfeeding so these will have a bearing upon our being able to sleep. Typical disturbed nights can be immediately before and after our period. Hormone levels are particularly low at this time. If you are suffering from sleepless nights we suggest that you rest and relax as best as possible, but try to remain resting in bed. Even if you can’t sleep, your body needs to rest.

What promotes sleep

  • A regular rhythm: Try to go to bed at the same time each day.
  • Light and darkness:  Make sure your bedroom is dark before you go to bed. Try not to watch TV in bed or use social media. Your mind needs to switch off.
  • Sleep conditions: Ensure your feet are warm, however, the bedroom should not be too warm, 18 degrees is ideal.
  • Meals: Don’t eat a heavy meal before going to bed.
  • Relaxation: Take a lavender bath to relax body and mind.

Natural remedies to help sleeplessness