Sense of smell during pregnancy

Your sense of smell changes during pregnancy; it has become more sensitive and it is not for nothing that it is said that a pregnant woman has a “sensitive nose”.

Intense smells

The body’s protective mechanism

It’s quite true that at the beginning of the pregnancy, women perceive smells differently from before the pregnancy.  Why should this be? It is assumed that the change in the sensitivity to smells is quite an ancient phenomenum in that it protects the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Because of this she will avoid any food that is ‘off’’. Cigarette smoke or the smell of coffee may also be perceived as unpleasant.

Naturally harmonising

I like your smell

Humans have a deep affinity to natural scents and perfumes, because they enrich our perception of life.

In the course of our lives, we have various experiences with different fragrances which, consciously or unconsciously, help to remind us of things that have happened. The many different natural fragrances that Weleda uses may have an holistic effect on our senses. Only pure essential oils are used in our natural body care products. Together with the knowledge gained from aromatherapy, these fragrance compositions have a beneficial effect on body and mind.

Perception of other fragrances

Natural fragrances in our body care range

If you are now sensitive to certain aromas and perhaps can no longer tolerate the smell of your usual  body care products, why not try the Wild Rose body care range?. The delicate aroma of the Damascena Rose has a harmonising effect and Rosa Mosqueta helps to make your skin velvety soft.