New cravings

Not only your body changes during pregnancy but also your cravings. You have a greater appetite for some types of food and you find you no longer like others.

Eating double quantities?

Mmmmm – finally I can eat as much as I like as everybody tells me that I need to eat for “two”! But you don’t need to eat double the quantities in order to nourish your baby, however tempting it is. Principally you only need an extra 250 calories per day, which is approximately equivalent to a slice of bread. Although puddings and cakes taste delicious, if you overeat you could end up with gaining too much weight.

Weight increase and diets during pregnancy

A weight increase of 12 to 18 kg during pregnancy is quite normal. Every woman has a different starting weight, exercise and eating habits, and therefore the course of weight increase will vary. It is important to have a balanced diet and eat regularly, but do not diet to lose weight as this would affect the development of your baby. Listen to your body to determine between real hunger or just cravins.

Special craving

You probably know this already: you suddenly have a craving for something that perhaps you haven’t eaten for years. Vegetarians might suddenly have a desire to eat meat or vegans would like to eat cheese. See if the craving lasts or is only transitory. Check what vitamins and micro nutrients these foods contain, as it may be possible that your body needs them, so vary your diet accordingly. Often cravings disappear after a few days.