Reveal the real you!

Tinted lip balms, to enhance the natural you

Take a look around the catwalks in Paris, Milan and New York this year and you will be struck by the naturalness. Once again, "less is more" in the world of fashion and make-up. The so-called nude look uses mild beige and bronze tones, subtle rosé and soft contours. In a nutshell: for the latest look, keep it natural.

This season's make-up trends display a beauty inspired by nature. For the first time ever, Weleda is offering a range of tinted lip balms, combining beauty and nature.

These tinted creamy-light lip balms enhance your natural beauty with a hint of colour and subtle sheen, whilst providing natural protection for smooth and soft lips with organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil.

How to avoid chapped lips

  • Use a caring lip balms like Weleda Everon® Lip Balm regularly
  • Protect your lips in cold climates: wear a scarf that covers your mouth
  • Drink enough water to fight dehydration
  • Don’t lick your lips: as your saliva dries, it takes more moisture from your skin and removes the lips’ lipid